I-76 Integrated Corridor Management


The I-76 Integrated Corridor Management Project is part of the Connections 2040 Plan for Greater Philadelphia. The plan intends to provide improvements on I-76 by implementing various Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) to dynamically manage recurrent congestion. One of these systems is the implementation of a part-time shoulder use system. This would allow the shoulder to be updated to support traffic similar to a typical lane during certain times, either on a predetermined schedule or when events deem it necessary.

Drive Engineering developed the ITS Conceptual Design, Emergency Responder outreach, and Advanced Traffic Management Software (ATMS) integration for the I-76 corridor in Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties. Design aspects include variable speed limits, ramp metering, and managed lane solutions with hard shoulder running. The preliminary design includes updates to the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission’s (DVRPC) Regional ITS Architecture, incorporating project architecture service packages associated with hard shoulder running and lane management technology. Stakeholder outreach with emergency responders and municipal authorities is on-going to incorporate design elements.