ATMS Deployment, NYSDOT

Drive wrote and developed the software acceptance test plan, software acceptance test procedures, software acceptance test results, and the database model document. The NYSDOT ATMS software system integrates CCTV, HAR, DMS, ramp metering, RTMS surveillance, SAS surveillance, temperature monitors, Blue Toad Data, TI-MED Data and OpenReach data. For each subsystem, Drive developed and documented the Software Integration Acceptance Test Program. 

P3 Procurement RFP, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission pursued a public-private partnership (P3) with a developer to design, build, finance, operate and maintain a fiber optic broadband network within the turnpike right-of-way, for the benefit of the Commission and its users, as well as for the benefit of the developer and its customers. Drive developed the original technical provisions for the 500-mile Fiber Optic Network and will continue to re-draft the provisions based upon industry feedback. 

ITS Maintenance and Technology Operations and Maintenance, RFP Development, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

Drive assisted the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission in updating the current ITS and communications systems maintenance contract through the Request for Proposals process. The existing contract provided maintenance services primarily for ITS and communications systems; however, operational deficiencies, service gaps, and a rapidly changing technology environment necessitated improvement of contract requirements. 

Early Warning Detection System, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

Drive spearheaded a project to develop an Early Warning Detection System for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) Traffic Engineering and Operations. The team provided data analysis of historic Inrix and Waze data with internal incident records of the PTC. The goal of the project was to determine if crowdsourced data can provide an early warning of an incident to operators in advance of traditional means. Drive developed an agile project management structure to quickly understand and adapt to the PTC’s needs. The application utilizes multiple data feeds to identify key predictors of incidents and enable emergency operations personnel to identify and respond to incidents on the PTC quickly and more effectively. 

ITS Architecture Advancement, NJTPA

Drive developed a series of planning documents to assist the New Jersey ITS Architecture Committee (IAC) in promoting mobility and technology throughout the state. The IAC includes stakeholders from the three Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) in NJ as well as DOT, Turnpike, Port Authority, NJ Transit and key county and municipal stakeholders. The goal was to provide a uniform and efficient approach to Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSM&O) and to update the statewide transportation vision- the Connected Corridor Version 2.0.