I-95 Construction Consultation Services

Drive Engineering assisted Hill International/PennDOT Engineering District 6-0 during the construction phases of SR 0095, Sections GR1, GR2, GR3, GR7, GR4 and CP2. These projects include the deployment complex ITS networks along I-95 and various arterials along the I-95 corridor.  The devices being deployed include CCTV, DMS, Bluetooth Readers, E-ZPass Tag Readers and an Incident Detection/Travel Time System.  

The contractor’s Request for Information (RFI) and design submissions were reviewed to ensure compliance with all applicable criteria, standards, policies, guidelines, and accepted practices.  In addition, Contractor’s proposed design changes were reviewed on behalf of PennDOT and recommendations regarding the submission approval feasibility. Drive coordinated device integration and ITS System Acceptance testing with PennDOT’s ATMS provider, Q-Free. ATMS integration efforts included coordination with Q-Free System Engineers and Development team regarding current condition of device installation and communication status, providing on-site standalone test documentation to Q-Free for project records, scheduling and participation of ITS System Acceptance testing between PennDOT and Q-Free for CCTV, ADMS, Bluetooth Readers, Vehicle Detectors, Tag Readers, coordination with Q-Free development team to incorporate necessary information in the Travel Time Engine (TTE) and review of Q-Free project specific submittals for additional modules and drivers.