Wexford Science & Technology, University City High School Site Development, Traffic Impact Study

Totaling over 14 acres of residential, retail, academic and recreational space, Drive Engineering provided traffic engineering design for the overall site development at University City High School. The overall development of the two projects provided improved street connections and increased safety measures within the study area. The project warranted the installation of two traffic signals and the retiming of an additional seven traffic signals. Design responsibilities included development of traffic impact study, traffic data collection, trip generation development, traffic capacity analysis for existing, interim and build scenarios, traffic signal warrant analysis, turning lane warrant analysis, traffic signal plan design, highway occupancy permit submittals, and ADA ramp design.

Drive Engineering was tasked with completing a Transportation Impact Study for the 14-acre-combined site. Due to the urban setting of the site, Drive needed to identify all nearby transit, pedestrian, and bicycle facilities and calculate the modal splits of all non-vehicular trips to the site. Five public transit lines (three buses, one trolley, and one subway line) and 34 daily school bus trips were identified. Drive poured through data provided by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC), the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), the Philadelphia School District to analyze and calculate the reduction in vehicular trips generated to the site due to the vast number of transit options.